Tuesday, January 16, 2007

your loves like one last cigarette

so i have a terrible cold and am realizing that i also have given it to many others... namely my family. well, i got the job at nemschoff and will start the 29th granted i pass my drug test (not too worried about that) and i'm pretty excited, but it seems like a long ways off. i'm going to cali for almond blossom festival. the one time a year that our little town of ripon is bustling with strangers. it should be fun though. mark is coming with me too. We had a our family christmas with mark's family this past saturday. mark's only living grandparent is sliding downhill. it's really very sad. she's getting into a bit of alzheimer's and didn't realize that any of us were related to her. i feel really bad for mark because 2 of his other grandparents got to the advanced stages of alzheimers and he's pretty much in denial right now. more or less so ignoring that it even exists. anyone have any advice for how to deal with mark or his dad ( who also is in denial) or his grandma? i would love anything i can use to help them. anyhow, it snowed. quite a bit. the most all winter. not too bad though, i just don't like the roads. don't you hate how it seems like everytime you go away you leave something behind? either at home or where you were visiting? yeah, i did that again. big fun. so i'm missing some shoes and a couple other things. well that's all for now.

Monday, January 08, 2007

[insert favorite lyric here]

too tired to really write. but it's been busy. home was great. missed mark a lot. gave the whole family, on both sides, pink eye. lovely. been working alot this weekend. will be really glad to hopefully get a new job. everyone needs to pray that me sewing on a industrial machine will be good for me and that it will work out. ok, goodnight.