Thursday, December 04, 2008

thinking about nothing

I'm so hoping that life will pick up soon. Now that I've begun to settle into my new job, things are a bit boring. I am definitely looking forward to getting our Christmas tree up. Kenny really wants it to go up. We went and looked at lights tonight. I thought Kenny's mouth would never stop gaping. It was quite cute. Also, I am hoping for a good snow soon. We haven't even had an accumulated inch thus far and it is a bit disheartening. I also am looking forward to the surprise paid day off of Christmas eve! This is a bit of a shocker and definitely very nice! So exciting! One of our friends had their baby this past week, congrats TR and N! Painting has been a solace for me lately. I have completed 5 works so far and can't seem to quit really. I like tangible things in my paintings... Real things incorporated with the paint feels good. It looks good. Anyhow, just a sidenote, but I've been having really vivid dreams lately. Not sure why but I can remember them days later. It's been about a week that I've been having one or two a night. I am waking up tired so that's not good, but it is interesting. :) Well, it is bedtime for me... Goodnight!
Love to you all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

blogging about work at work

well.... i got a new job! i will be working at Revival Animal Health in Orange City, IA. I am really excited and nervous too. But I have some other news too actually. First of all, my condolences to JNW and JLW. I am so sorry for your loss. Secondly, how cute is my niece? So cute... Congrats again Jason and Liz for making such an adorable baby. Thirdly, my mom is coming to visit. She will be here tomorrow. I'm so excited! And last, but certainly not least, Kenny will be 3 years old on Friday. Wow... it doesn't seem like he should be that old, I don't want to be the horrible mom that says, "BUT HE'S MY BABY!" But I want to at the same time... oh. (sad face) Well, peace and love to you all! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm not clever or listening to music, so...yeah

well, not a whole lot has been going on really, but there are a few updates. first of all, congrats to sb and mb on their big news! second of all, i'm excited to say that i now have a new floor in my livingroom thanks to people who don't know how to do anything... or at least have the money to spend on things and then return them so i can get them majorly discounted. :) yay. also, kenny is now without pacifier, sippy cup, is starting to use the toilet and has had his bedroom made upstairs now (instead of in the far corner downstairs. it's made life easier and harder at the same time of course. kenny's birthday is coming up, one month away. still figuring out what we're doing for that. we've never really had a party for him. on his first birthday we did have a cake but haven't done anything else. well, we have time. :) ciao for now. all my love.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

never never never says nothing to remember

well. it has been a long month. i was mostly in california for part of it watching my sister get married... i guess that's the only way i know how to put that. um, i like her new husband. he's nice. awkward turtle though that i had never met him before then. weirdness. my brother and his wife had their baby. a little girl named Hazel Rosemary. i haven't gotten to officially meet her either but the pictures of her are adorable... congrats brother and sister! i love you both. the other half of the month has consisted of me being at home and looking for a job and not doing much of anything. my wash machine broke so i am headed to the laundromat to wash some clothes... boo. love to you all

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


well i'm not going back to the elementary school as a teacher's aide this year. i was offered a certain percentage of time that wasn't enough especially when i was going to have to pay for part of my insurance as well in a very costly sum of somewhere around $200 per month. agh! way too much for what i get paid working there. so therefore i am looking for a new job... again. imagine that. i don't know what to do right now.... i keep thinking it'll just come along, but of course that won't happen. anyway, if any of you hear of a job... one that pays well and gives benefits, full benefits that is, let me know. love to you all.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

why don't you sit right down and make me smile

pure melodies and smooth soothing sounds resound from Beach House, Beau Jennings, Ben Wears A Duck Suit, Leah, Lightspeed Champion, She & Him, The Strugglers, and Travis Vick. What a beautiful day. I plan to enjoy this day by relaxing and then doing some easily procrastinated work that just must be done. Boo. JLee is coming home and that makes me way happy. I can't wait. Excitement overflowing. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

dustin and paris

it was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. things got a little unruly as they seem to do sometimes, but what a wonderful day! time for bed though. congrats to dustin and paris!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I HATE KABOOM COMMERCIALS! i also hate it when people type in all caps... so now I have faced two of my pet peeves today. Just letting everyone know that I'm starting a new blog. Keeping this one as well, but my other blog will be more specialized and more precise about other things. Well, if you feel like it, check out It should be interesting. Anyway, I've been doing the unspeakable and working for my inlaws and definitely hating having to do that. But summer work is hard to come by especially at 10 bucks an hour. Doc's certainly doesn't pay that. Even with tips it is hard to make that there so I don't kreally know how I can possibly say no. So I do that and hope that I can make it through the summer. Caio for now. All my love.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

wish i could.

wish i could:
be someone else
be happy
avoid uncomfortable situations
feel like life is less surreal
feel like i'm me again
enjoy this great weather
appreciate that i am me, not someone with way worse issues
get away from this shit.

love you all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

they can do that???

I have been told that, I either will be forced to move to the middle school next year or forced to find a new job. In many many many more words of course and it was not quite that harsh. The way it was said though was almost worse though. Very round-about and not quite hitting it ever. I finally had to actually say it. Heh. So apparently schools can do that. Well, I guess it keeps life interesting right? Oh but I was told that if a lot of other aides decided not to come back, I could still work at the grade school.
p.s. I love my job, but also hate that somehow I screw up... alot. shit.
love you all!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

life is like a wish list

Have you ever found yourself wanting more even though you have all you need? I have everything I could ever need, but am finding that I want more. So here's my list:
1) finish college
2) work for myself
3) a different vehicle
4) my house remodled
5) more "fun" money

What I hope and plan to do about it:
1) sign up for classes this summer
2) start putting more effort into my work
3) stop complaining and be content that i have a car that works and gets great mileage
4) save some money and start doing the small things this summer on my own
5) realize that fun doesn't take money

Ok, really this may gave been more for me than for anyone else to think about or care about. Thanks for listening. Be back later.
Love for now

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the flu is at a season high in sioux center, and i have it. yay! not so fun actually. but if you ever want to see what the flu season is doing, check it out at it's a great site, especially for teachers or anyone in the care profession to see what's going on with all that. have a lovely day! kisses.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

my car warranty

setting: home 6:15ish. eating supper of delightful pizza ranch.

*telephone rings* *i pick it up*
me: "Hello?"
prerecorded answering service: "Did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and on it's final notice? To speak with a customer service agent blahblahblah.
me: *press 1 to speak to agent* -waiting. finally an aswer. "sigh"
telemarketer: "Make and model of your car please."
me: "uh, 94 chevy impala?" (p.s. not my real car)
tm: "How many miles are on your car ma'am?"
me: "I think 129,000." (pps not the real miles on my car)
tm: "Hold on one moment ma'am while I pull up your personal records."
me: "Ok."
tm: "Ma'am did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and this is your final notice? Have you received any of our post cards to you?"
me: (shocked) "No, I have received any post cards or calls about my warranty! I am so worried about it!"
tm: "What you are is a smartass, buh bye." (hung up on.)
me: (shrieking with laughter. mom looks at me) "I'm not nice."
mom: "nope."

So.... yay for all telemarketers that actually say things like "smartass" on the phone.

too long gone

it's been way too long, i know. i've been very busy. almost everyone i am close to, who has a significant other, is pregnant. oh yes, i'm kinda just waiting to hear that the few left are preggers as well. i don't begrudge them this, but it does make me feel somewhat left as "the odd (wo)man out" ah well... life here is warming up finally.
p.s. i love telemarketers. really i do. will tell the story in a separate post.