Thursday, August 21, 2008

never never never says nothing to remember

well. it has been a long month. i was mostly in california for part of it watching my sister get married... i guess that's the only way i know how to put that. um, i like her new husband. he's nice. awkward turtle though that i had never met him before then. weirdness. my brother and his wife had their baby. a little girl named Hazel Rosemary. i haven't gotten to officially meet her either but the pictures of her are adorable... congrats brother and sister! i love you both. the other half of the month has consisted of me being at home and looking for a job and not doing much of anything. my wash machine broke so i am headed to the laundromat to wash some clothes... boo. love to you all

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


well i'm not going back to the elementary school as a teacher's aide this year. i was offered a certain percentage of time that wasn't enough especially when i was going to have to pay for part of my insurance as well in a very costly sum of somewhere around $200 per month. agh! way too much for what i get paid working there. so therefore i am looking for a new job... again. imagine that. i don't know what to do right now.... i keep thinking it'll just come along, but of course that won't happen. anyway, if any of you hear of a job... one that pays well and gives benefits, full benefits that is, let me know. love to you all.