Sunday, March 30, 2008

life is like a wish list

Have you ever found yourself wanting more even though you have all you need? I have everything I could ever need, but am finding that I want more. So here's my list:
1) finish college
2) work for myself
3) a different vehicle
4) my house remodled
5) more "fun" money

What I hope and plan to do about it:
1) sign up for classes this summer
2) start putting more effort into my work
3) stop complaining and be content that i have a car that works and gets great mileage
4) save some money and start doing the small things this summer on my own
5) realize that fun doesn't take money

Ok, really this may gave been more for me than for anyone else to think about or care about. Thanks for listening. Be back later.
Love for now

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the flu is at a season high in sioux center, and i have it. yay! not so fun actually. but if you ever want to see what the flu season is doing, check it out at it's a great site, especially for teachers or anyone in the care profession to see what's going on with all that. have a lovely day! kisses.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

my car warranty

setting: home 6:15ish. eating supper of delightful pizza ranch.

*telephone rings* *i pick it up*
me: "Hello?"
prerecorded answering service: "Did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and on it's final notice? To speak with a customer service agent blahblahblah.
me: *press 1 to speak to agent* -waiting. finally an aswer. "sigh"
telemarketer: "Make and model of your car please."
me: "uh, 94 chevy impala?" (p.s. not my real car)
tm: "How many miles are on your car ma'am?"
me: "I think 129,000." (pps not the real miles on my car)
tm: "Hold on one moment ma'am while I pull up your personal records."
me: "Ok."
tm: "Ma'am did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and this is your final notice? Have you received any of our post cards to you?"
me: (shocked) "No, I have received any post cards or calls about my warranty! I am so worried about it!"
tm: "What you are is a smartass, buh bye." (hung up on.)
me: (shrieking with laughter. mom looks at me) "I'm not nice."
mom: "nope."

So.... yay for all telemarketers that actually say things like "smartass" on the phone.

too long gone

it's been way too long, i know. i've been very busy. almost everyone i am close to, who has a significant other, is pregnant. oh yes, i'm kinda just waiting to hear that the few left are preggers as well. i don't begrudge them this, but it does make me feel somewhat left as "the odd (wo)man out" ah well... life here is warming up finally.
p.s. i love telemarketers. really i do. will tell the story in a separate post.