Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm not clever or listening to music, so...yeah

well, not a whole lot has been going on really, but there are a few updates. first of all, congrats to sb and mb on their big news! second of all, i'm excited to say that i now have a new floor in my livingroom thanks to people who don't know how to do anything... or at least have the money to spend on things and then return them so i can get them majorly discounted. :) yay. also, kenny is now without pacifier, sippy cup, is starting to use the toilet and has had his bedroom made upstairs now (instead of in the far corner downstairs. it's made life easier and harder at the same time of course. kenny's birthday is coming up, one month away. still figuring out what we're doing for that. we've never really had a party for him. on his first birthday we did have a cake but haven't done anything else. well, we have time. :) ciao for now. all my love.