Saturday, May 19, 2007

stuck on a plateau with nowhere to go

my life is awfully boring compared to all of yours. to be honest, it's quite depressing realizing that i am now working in a job that i would never have taken a couple years ago, because of how it beats down the spirit of a person. now i do all that and still haven't seen much of canada, mexico or the rest of the world to be honest. and i think that morocco is further off than i had ever imagined. as is italy, spain, portugal, and ireland. crap on my life. damn.

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Amanda said...

"life is what you make of it"...or so they say. :) k, so despite the cheezy nature of that little saying, there's some truth to it i suppose. so go and do something crazy somewhere (i recommend on dordt campus...) and tell us about it. we'll be waiting!