Friday, June 13, 2008


I HATE KABOOM COMMERCIALS! i also hate it when people type in all caps... so now I have faced two of my pet peeves today. Just letting everyone know that I'm starting a new blog. Keeping this one as well, but my other blog will be more specialized and more precise about other things. Well, if you feel like it, check out It should be interesting. Anyway, I've been doing the unspeakable and working for my inlaws and definitely hating having to do that. But summer work is hard to come by especially at 10 bucks an hour. Doc's certainly doesn't pay that. Even with tips it is hard to make that there so I don't kreally know how I can possibly say no. So I do that and hope that I can make it through the summer. Caio for now. All my love.


Mela said...

I am not familiar with KABOOM commercials... I hope working for the inlaws goes a bit better. I must say I enjoy making 10 bucks an hour. Sure beats HH pay anyway. And dordts. And I don't care if you've been a slacker. Slack all you want! Just wait till I get there though, and we'll make up for lost time. :)

cheesequn said...

haha i hate KABOOM commercials to and that annoying guy who does them and every other infomercial out there he talks so stinkin loud and he talks like hes talking in caps or something. hope you have a great week love ya artie