Thursday, December 14, 2006

I put a spell on you, when I awake I'll be the first thing you see and you'll realize that you love me

Let's play, "Name that Band!" every post i will have a lyric or two from a song, and you (my 2-3 faithful readers) can try to see if you know the band. so the first was a few ago, so let's just start with this one.

On another note; I've been doing some thinking about things lately.
First: free masons, cult or not?
second: are we a sexuality driven society? (stolen from Paul Krygsman... but it's disturbing me)
third: are we an easily offended nation of people?
fourth: why do Christians try to make it so that God has a view on politics of today? (don't get me wrong, i think he cares about what's happening but I also think that's why he gave us free will... to figure these things out.)
fifth: how do we as Christians, in a secular society, learn to appreciate the different views people have, without judging them and telling them that they're, well, wrong. (this of course does not mean we need to accept their views as our own. or even agree with them.)

On a lighter note; my cousin, Janel, turned 23 yesterday. She's starting to sound responsible and older, but I assure you, not so. :) Just teasing, she's getting more responsible. Not older though. Anyhow. Story for ya'll; SO on her birthday Janel woke up to something I can consider nothing less than hilarious, thoughtful, and sweet. Her younger brother (20) and younger sister (16) baked her a cake and came in singing happy birthday while her younger brother played the harmonica. Yes, harmonica. I had no idea that the harmonica was such a versatile instrument, you know; folk, emo, indie, and apparently the not-so everyday happy birthday. All borrow this instrument and in different, very different music. Well. That's all I've really got to say for now.

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carmela said...

Sara, I'm leaving in less than a week! THink you can handle it? ENjoy the winter. woahahahahaha!!!