Sunday, December 24, 2006

My doctor said take it easy. But your lovin is much too strong

merry christmas all. i leave today after working the nuttiest shift ever. i promise you, i never thought my life would stay this hectic. but evidently it doesn't just change overnight like i thought it might. :) anyhow. thank you to all of you who have been so kind as to tip me at "the doc's" (as dave or jason might say) lately on fridays. i appreciate the support. and yes, it really is hard work. anyhow. i want you all to have a great christmas. as many of you may know, i am going to california for christmas. i will be leaving this mid-afternoon. i will return next saturday evening. if there is an emergency please call my cell. another # will be on there if you cannot reach me on my cell. again, i appreciate all of your (collective your) kindness in the past month. i could not have survived without many of your (Again collective) jokes, smiles, hugs, and just listening ears lately. i do not deserve you friends. but yet, you're stuck with me. thanks. have a very merry christmas and i will see many of you in the new year.

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