Sunday, March 30, 2008

life is like a wish list

Have you ever found yourself wanting more even though you have all you need? I have everything I could ever need, but am finding that I want more. So here's my list:
1) finish college
2) work for myself
3) a different vehicle
4) my house remodled
5) more "fun" money

What I hope and plan to do about it:
1) sign up for classes this summer
2) start putting more effort into my work
3) stop complaining and be content that i have a car that works and gets great mileage
4) save some money and start doing the small things this summer on my own
5) realize that fun doesn't take money

Ok, really this may gave been more for me than for anyone else to think about or care about. Thanks for listening. Be back later.
Love for now


Mela said...

I know what you mean. Way to be positive though, and way to actually DO something instead of just bitching. :) Love ya!!

SaraMonet' said...

hey, i don't know if i'll actually do something. it's just me hoping i'll do something and thinking i might.

Erica said...

doin just fine, Sara. 1 - I wasn't drunk, just tipsy and energized! 2 - I never get hang-overs, just headaches and even then only on rare occasions. :) You?

SaraMonet' said...

erica- enable access to your blog...