Saturday, March 01, 2008

my car warranty

setting: home 6:15ish. eating supper of delightful pizza ranch.

*telephone rings* *i pick it up*
me: "Hello?"
prerecorded answering service: "Did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and on it's final notice? To speak with a customer service agent blahblahblah.
me: *press 1 to speak to agent* -waiting. finally an aswer. "sigh"
telemarketer: "Make and model of your car please."
me: "uh, 94 chevy impala?" (p.s. not my real car)
tm: "How many miles are on your car ma'am?"
me: "I think 129,000." (pps not the real miles on my car)
tm: "Hold on one moment ma'am while I pull up your personal records."
me: "Ok."
tm: "Ma'am did you know that your warranty on your car is overdue and this is your final notice? Have you received any of our post cards to you?"
me: (shocked) "No, I have received any post cards or calls about my warranty! I am so worried about it!"
tm: "What you are is a smartass, buh bye." (hung up on.)
me: (shrieking with laughter. mom looks at me) "I'm not nice."
mom: "nope."

So.... yay for all telemarketers that actually say things like "smartass" on the phone.

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Amanda said...

hey, they are real people with real feelings too you know!


i had to do some telemarketing thing for this student union i am in... man, people can be really mean when they dont want to talk to telemarketers!
old people are nice though...