Thursday, November 30, 2006

Adia do believe I've failed you

So, it's still really cold. I worked overnight last night and had a really weird dream i wanted to share with ya'll. So for some reason I was back in California. Possibly visiting. I was walking down the road all by myself and suddenly a big black suburban pulls up to the sidewalk, the door swings open and a girl (I think it may have been Julia Roberts, whom I love b-t-w) and she leans out and asks for directions. To the Sioux Falls airport (yeah I know, but i was definitely in cali) So I tell them I know how to get them there and start giving them directions when I gasp and say, "Oh my goodness, you're Jude Law!" (I don't even like Jude Law, I only know one movie he was in and it was Alfie and I hated that movie, anyway) So I ask him for an autograph and for some reason he's like, I'll give you a lift to the Sioux Falls airport too! (not sure where I was going) He then tells me that if I'm going to get an autograph he has to get his tablet of paper out that he gives autographs on, out. And it's in a "man bag" in the back. He asks me to get it and I do (huh?) He signs my autograph and suddenly we're going to the Sioux Falls airport. Julia is talking to me and asking my name (shouldn't they ask that before I get in their vehicle?) and for some reason I had a lisp. I couldn't say my own name! I became "Thara" (by this time I was sure it was Julia Roberts) Julia thought this was funny?! And started to make fun of me because my name was supposed to be Sara and I couldn't say my own name. I was hurt and tried to tell them that I had a lisp because I had a baby a year ago. (How that was connected, don't ask me.) Then suddenly I woke up. I really wanted to get some baby advice from Julia Roberts, cuz that'd be cool. But now I don't know if I like her anymore cuz she made fun of me for a lisp. I don't think she'd normally do that sort of thing in real life. She seems so nice. But you know, I don't know that for a fact.
Well, that was my dream, I was working so it made it a little wierder still. I think it was because a wore red socks.

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carmela said...

it is really cold.
I have to write a paper.
I worked at the bean tonight and didn't bring any homework. on purpose.
I colored.