Saturday, November 25, 2006


thanksgiving. i do like thanksgiving, but i hate the fact that everyone is expected to stuff themselves so full that they can't think anymore. that grosses me out. no offense to any of you out there that love doing that. i just don't like it. but anyway. i thought i'd mention things i'm thankful for.
1) mark- a husband that supports me and loves me. and lets me be mad.
2) kenny- i think my son is very mild tempered and a very good baby in general. hopefully this continues, but i couldn't have it better as of right now. :)
3) all other family- they provide me with so much support and are the ones who do bring me a better outlook. even if i don't want it. thanks mom....
4) a warm home- here unlike some people in other countries, i don't have to sniff glue in a dump that's my home to feel good.
5) a decent job- because as i've mentioned before i hate money and the necessity thereof but i have a decent job that i don't mind most of the time and that provides me with the means to live. i could have a worse job. at least i'm not washing semi's or something.... haha
6) good friends- i have such great friends. one's that will listen to me bitch and moan and just let me do it. ah that is so refreshing.
7) cell phones- terrible i know, but really they are nice. i can't imagine that i would get to talk to my husband everyday without one.
8) love- so absolute and so pure. but again, so flawed. but yet pure. i'll explain that to you sometime if you care to understand it.f
9) time- i can't think of something God has given us that is so misused and so cherished at once. all depending on your personal situation.
10) last but not least- a great God and such a wonderful creation to appreciate. (i hope all of you will try to help me remember this when it's snowing and terribly cold.)

Well, that's really not it, but there are so many and those are some of the biggest one's as of right now. So, thanks to all of you who have helped me in this past year to become a better person (or so i think) and for all of you hwho have helped me to see these things.

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